Myrtle and POC Sets For Sale

Available for Sale


Over the last several years, I have had the good fortune to acquire what I believe to be
some of the highest grade Oregon Myrtle and Port Orford Cedar.  So, in addition to the Industry Standard Master Grade, I have assembled and am offering for sale, guitar and ukulele backs and sides and ukulele tops that I have graded “4A+”.  These are Uke and Guitar sets that up until recently and for the most part, I have set aside as my “Private Reserve”.
Although this Select grade is the most rare and visually stunning, generally speaking, there is no difference in terms of structure and tone between the 4A and the 4A+ POC and Myrtle sets.
Most of the POC photos on this page are of the highest grade. The Myrtle photos are random samples of my inventory . . . mostly 4A+, some 3A and some 4A.    You let me know what you like,  I will find similar sets and shoot you photos for consideration before shipping.
The last group of photos were just taken (May 2015) of a “High Figure Rainbow Myrtle” log, saved from “The Chipper” . . . and being processed into board form. I estimate this one log will yield around 2500 Uke Sets.
In addition to the items listed below, I can fill custom dimensioned orders (up to one piece) for electric guitar bodies in both Myrtle, figured Maple and straight or curly PO Cedar.  Most of my inventory is in 8/4″ board or block form. This allows me to custom cut orders as well as maximize the yield from each piece.
The two prices for most items are for Wholesale and Retail. Wholesale orders start around $1000.  I prefer to keep retail orders requiring shipping at $200 minimum. Prices are subject to change at any time.
Please note that 4A+ Myrtle Guitar Sets and POC Neck Blanks are only available at retail as there is a very limited quantity.
I strongly encourage anyone, especially those who may be considering larger wholesale orders to come to my shop on the Spectacular South Oregon Coast.  We are located mid-way between Portland and San Francisco (Centrally isolated on the West Coast).
There is a real advantage in being able to personally select from my entire inventory, as Oregon Myrtle can display such a broad range of color and figure. There are also special discounts and deals available exclusively to those who visit my shop.


Port Orford Cedar Grading General Guidelines:
3A -Fine/un-even grain spacing/mostly VG
4A – Fine/even grain spacing/VG
4A+ – Ultra Fine/Even Grain Spacing/VG

POC GUITAR TOPS:  (.160″ X 7.75″ X 21″ minimum)

3A – $60/$85
4A – $80/$110  “SOLD OUT”
POC UKE TOPS:   (.125″ X 4.5″ X 13″ minimum)
3A – $10/$15
4A – $18/$25
4A+ – $25/$35
POC NECK BLANKS:   (7/8″ x 3″ x 35″)
3A – $30
4A – $45
4A+ – $65 “SOLD OUT”
POC FLAMENCO BACKS AND SIDES:      (Backs:  .140″ X 7.5″ X 21″ minimum)
                                                         (Sides :  .125″ X 4.5″ X 31″ minimum)
3A – $80/$110
4A – $120/$175
Myrtle Grading General Guidelines: 
3A – Moderate Figure and/or Color
4A – Strong Figure or Color
4A+ – Strong Figure AND Color
MYRTLE GUITAR BACKS & SIDES:       (Backs:  .160″ X 7.75″ X  21″ minimum)
                                                       (Sides: .140″ X5″ X 31″ minimum)
3A – $85/$115
4A – $145/$195 “SOLD OUT”
4A+ – $300
MYRTLE UKE TOPS/BACKS/SIDES     (Backs .125″ X 4.5″ X 13″ minimum)
                                                       (Sides: .125″ X 3.25″ X 18″ minimum)
3A – $50/$65
4A – $95 “SOLD OUT”
4A+ -$125